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2.Drum Alarm

3.A 3rd Quest

4.Live Image

5.Finally(Victor Wooten,Sy Joynet)

6.N Cabine

7.Special Mace


9.Scottish Drag(Sy Joynet)

10.Twist of Time

Sy Joynet:Drums, Piano, Synthesizers,

Alphonso Johnson: Electric Bass

Ronaldo Nasclmento: Electric Bass

Jonas Mo: Electric Guitar

Victor Wooten: Electric Bass

Mastering: Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA

Engeneer: Evren Göknar

All Compositions: Sy Joynet except "Finally" By Victor Wooten

Produced: Sy Joynet

Cover and Graphic Design: Sy Joynet


1.Seven Places



4.Place de la Cocarde


6.Mental Telepathy

7.Special Case

8.As Time Waits

Sy Joynet:Drums, Piano, Synthesizers

Alphonso Johnson: Electric Bass

Allen Hinds: Electric Guitar

Rogerio Jardim: Drums

Melvin Lee Davis: Electric Bass

Recorded: Midray Studios Long Beach, CA

Mixed:Cutting Room Studios, New York,NY

Mastering:Dave McNair

Cover and Graphic Design: Sy Joynet

All Compositions:Sy Joynet

Produced:Sy Joynet

Co - Produced:Susanne Bogner

Place de la Cocarde

1.Mr Room No.1

2.Mr Room No.2


4.Inn Between





Sy Joynet:Tama Granstar II. Roland

Electric Piano, Roland Synthesizers,

Yamaha Remote Keyboard, Zildjian Cymbals,

Pearl Double Drum Pedals, Paiste Sticks, Sony Recoding System

Re-Recording:Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA

Mastering:Evren Göknar, Capitol Records,CA

Produced: Sy Joynet

All Compositions:Sy Joynet

Electric Jazz dance

1.Cut The Rhythm

2.Beutiful Side of Life



5.Post Jazz

6.Raving Bells

7.Crystal Plant

Sy Joynet:Drums, Keyboards, Piano

Jonas Mo: Guitar, Guitar Synth.

Tadeusz Jakubowski: Alto Saxophone

Ronaldo Nascimento: Bass Guitar

Marcelo Maia: Bass Guitar ( 7;6 Intro; 3 Ending)

Recoding and Mixed: Crossroads Records

Mastering: Tom Meyer, at Master & Servant

Cover Art and Design:Sy Joynet

All Compositions and Arragments: Sy Joynet

Produced: Sy Joynet

Post Jazz

1.Short Tower(Dave Weckl )

2.Dirty Rice(John Scofield)

3.Otay(John Scofield)

4.Protocol(John Scofield)

5.Teen Town(Jaco Pastorius)

6.Gettin Jiggy Wit It(Will Smith,Andreao Heard)

7.Two&Nine(Sy Joynet)

8.Baccarella-The Song Is You(Sy Joynet/Jerome Kern)

9.Descent(Sy Joynet)

Sy Joynet: Drums, Piano, Synthesizers

Victor Wooten: Bass on ( 5 )

Recorded: Motionless Records Studios

Cover: Sy Joynet

Produced: Sy Joynet

various I


2.Black Point Stream


4.On Travel

5.Drum Alarm 1St Version

6.Magic Bass


8.Phazy Delay

9.T.R.I. 43

10.Newark Sequence


12.Q Again

Sy Joynet: Drums, Piano, Synthesizers

Recorded: Motionless Records Studios

Newark Airport, Osterbek Gymnasium

All Compositions: Sy Joynet

All Arrangements: Sy Joynet

Cover & Graphic Design: Sy Joynet

Produced: Sy Joynet

Black Point Stream


2.Two&Nine II

3.Crystal Plant


5.Close to...

6.T.H. 151 (Drums&Bass)

7.Unit 10

8.Where Is The One


10.Pad Thai

Sy Joynet: Piano, Drums, Synthesizers

All Compositions: Sy Joynet except Pad Thai

By Steve Coleman

Recorded: Recital-Musikforum, Osterbek Gymnasium

Mixed and Mastered: Motionless Records Studios

Cover & Graphic Design: Sy Joynet

Produced: Sy Joynet

Black Point Stream 2

1.Change The Guard ( Steve Coleman )

2. Cut The Rhythm

3. Rhythm People( Steve Coleman )


5.Crystal Plant

6.Raving Bells

7.9 to 5(Steve Coleman)

8.Beautiful Side Of Life


10. Post Jazz

11. Post Jazz Slow

12. Pad Thai ( Steve Coleman )

Sy Joynet: Drums, Electronic Bass

Recorded: Motionless Records Studios

All Compositions : Sy Joynet except 1,3,7.12

By Steve Coleman

Cover & Graphic Design: Sy Joynet

Produced: Sy Joynet

Post Jazz & M-Base Paraphrases

1.Left Right

2.Emphatic Contact


4.T H 151 Full Instr

5.Exercise I

6.Quest Off

7.Unit 10

8.Free Lane Drum Solo

9.Amazin' T

10.Like the One

Sy Joynet: Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums

All Compositions: Sy Joynet

Recorded: Boonker Studios, Osterbek Gymnasium

Recital Musikforum

Re-Recorded: Capitol Records

Mastered: Motionless Records, Capitol Records

Cover Design: Sy Joynet

Produced: Sy Joynet

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