Sy Joynet Official Website

Motionless Records Studios, 2003

"Place de la Cocarde"

Advertising Banner, 2007

Recording Session 2012,

"Change the Guard" by Steve Coleman

Evren and Sy at Capitol

Records, Hollywood, 2014

after the Session at Capitol Records

October, 2014

Mr. Room Recording Session

March, 2013

Banner on the Mastering Studio at Capitol Records

October, 2015

Lenny White on Sy Joynet's

version of 'Romantic Warrior'; "Very impressive"

Smoke Jazz Club, New York 2006


Recording "Place De La Cocarde"

Fünfhausen, 2004

Glam Slam: with Jonas Mo

and Tadeusz Jakubowski,

Hamburg-Altona, 2006

Glam Slam: with Jonas Mo

and Nico Pohlmann

Hamburg-Altona, 2006

Time Square, New York, NY 2006

Video Recording Session

April, 2017

Midraj Studios

Long Beach, CA, USA, 2005

with Dave McNair, working

on " Place de la Cocarde"

Cutting Room Recording Studios

New York, NY, October 2006

Sy, Susanne, Rogerio

Long Beach, 2005

Poster of the Glam Slam

Concert, 2006

Poster of the "Artist of the Month",

AbstractLogix, 2004

"Post Jazz" Session at Crossroads Records,

1993, 1994

Crossroads Records: Ronaldo, Jonas und Sy,